paintless dent removal
thru PDR technique
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We are your specialist for hail damage!

Hail damage to your car? No problem! We are there when you need us. We repair hail damage to motor vehicles. We specialize both nationally and internationally in the repair method recommended by manufacturers and insurance companies: "paintless dent repair", also known as "gentle dent removal". We are a team of specialists, some of whom have over 14 years of experience with hail damage repairs, making us one of the leading service providers in the field of paintless dent repair of motor vehicles. Filling, sanding and repainting have long been things of the past. Traditional methods for removing hail damage, dings, dents or creases in body parts are time-consuming and costly. But the crucial point is maintaining the value of your vehicle.

Quality comes first! Our highly trained technicians have years of experience !
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